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  MAX Portal

MAX Portal


  Performance Calculator

Create drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, and drill collar performance specifications.


Bookshelf is a web portal where Customers, Suppliers and other Collaboration partners can receive and send documentation.


  LicensEase LicensEase Canopy (3.0) - Grant Prideco™

LicensEase Canopy is the web access to Grant Prideco™ Licensee Portal, Access is reserved ONLY for Grant Prideco "LICENSEES"

  Casing Spear

The “NOV Bowen Casing Spear System Calculator” helps to determine the overall load rating and mode of failure for the spear, mandrel, grapple, and casing in each application.

  Chemineer Extranet

Extranet provides access for Mixing Applications, Spare Parts Quoting, Order Status, Presentations, and Training Material

  Choke Solver

Captures sizing data for production chokes


The eSupplier process uses the Supplier Portal as an extension to the JD Edwards (JDE) EnterpriseOne (E1) system to provide a more efficient way to communicate with suppliers and expedite the Procure-to-Pay process.It standardizes and streamlines the Procurement, Shipping, Receiving, and Invoice processes in the ERP system.

  Tuboscope GOLD

Tuboscope's new on-line electronic inventory tracking system Tuboscope GOLD (Global On Line Data) allows Tuboscope and our customers to keep an accurate record of all tubulars located in our yards.


GoNOV offers over 150 films on the go. Search for our NOV locations, investor information, the latest on our technology and a number of products for rent. Additionally, use GoNOV to provide us feedback in our Contact/Customer Feedback app. Or browse our timeline for the history of NOV. Download GoNOV in the App Store or on Google Play to any device, or view it through your web browser.


  Global Vendor Interface

GVI (Global Vendor Interface) allows vendors to receive their purchase orders electronically. Vendors can login to GVI and communicate with our buyers in regards to pricing changes / delivery date changes / comments / etc.



The Hoselist Application replaces the former paper-based process for sending As Built information about assembled hoses and couplings from the various manufacturing workshops. Hoselist is exclusively for hose assemblers and other relevant staff working with hose assemblies at internal or external workshops around the globe. The Hoselist Application does currently not have any value or functions for our Customers or internal support groups.

(NOV Employees and Approved Suppliers Only)


  IntelliServ Knowledge Base

The IntelliServ Knowledge Base provides instructions and specifications for operating the IntelliServ wired-drill-pipe (WDP) network and the inspection, repair, and maintenance of wired drill-string components.


Access to ‘Licensee Application’ is reserved specifically for Grant Prideco “LICENSEES”. All other request should be submitted through [email protected].

  Mono Online - Interactive Price Book

Mono Ecommerce

  Product Bulletin Search

Search our Product Information Bulletins and Safety Alerts, and subscribe to email notifications by Product Line.


  Shear Capability Estimator

The Shear Capability Estimator is a tool used to calculate the hydraulic pressure required to shear pipe.


  Specialty Inspection Services (SIS)

NOV Tuboscope Specialty Inspection Services is a company providing a comprehensive package of constructions, Inspections. Repair, Maintenance (IRM), and Operational services to Oil and Gas, Marine and General Industries.

  Success By Design

An engineering design tool that provides easy access to Fiber Glass pipe properties, flow rate, thermal expansion, and support span calculations

  TrackerFSM Portal

Client portal for Case and Project Communication and Management


TruData's comprehensive reporting software provides a complete record of asset history and condition for the entirety of the product's life.


WellTrak is a database for information collected by our on-site inspection tools. Inspecting tubing as it’s pulled provides the unique opportunity to gather data sequentially for use in well management.