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  Casing Spear

The “NOV Bowen Casing Spear System Calculator” helps to determine the overall load rating and mode of failure for the spear, mandrel, grapple, and casing in each application.

  Freight Manual Invoice Portal

FIP (Freight Invoice Portal) allows Logistics Service Providers to enter their invoices and submit them electronically.


  Global Vendor Interface

GVI (Global Vendor Interface) allows vendors to receive their purchase orders electronically. Vendors can login to GVI and communicate with our buyers in regards to pricing changes / delivery date changes / comments / etc.


  IntelliServ Knowledge Base

The IntelliServ Knowledge Base provides instructions and specifications for operating the IntelliServ wired-drill-pipe (WDP) network and the inspection, repair, and maintenance of wired drill-string components.


Access to ‘Licensee Application’ is reserved specifically for Grant Prideco “LICENSEES”. All other request should be submitted through [email protected]

  Mono Online - Interactive Price Book

Mono Ecommerce


  Performance Calculator

Create drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe, and drill collar performance specifications.

  Shear Capability Estimator

The Shear Capability Estimator is a tool used to calculate the hydraulic pressure required to shear pipe.


  TrackerFSM Portal

Client portal for Case and Project Communication and Management


TruData's comprehensive reporting software provides a complete record of asset history and condition for the entirety of the product's life.

  Tuboscope GOLD

Tuboscope's new on-line electronic inventory tracking system Tuboscope GOLD (Global On Line Data) allows Tuboscope and our customers to keep an accurate record of all tubulars located in our yards.


WellTrak is a database for information collected by our on-site inspection tools. Inspecting tubing as it’s pulled provides the unique opportunity to gather data sequentially for use in well management.